From Vol. II of The Life of John Mitchel by William Dillon, published 1888, p. 289.

I solicit the high honour of being elected as your representative.

I am in favour of Home Rule – that is, the sovereign independence of Ireland.

I shall seek the total overthrow of the Established Church, universal tenant-right, and abolition of ejectments; free education – that is, denominational education for those who like it, secular education for those who like that, with the express organic provision of law, that no person shall be taxed for the education of other persons’ children.

I am in favour of the immediate liberation of those prisoners of state whom the English Government keeps in prison as “Fenians.”

Lasty, as well as firstly, I am for Home Rule.

Electors of Tipperary! Many of you, as I hope, know me by name and reputation. If you believe that all the strength and energy now left in me would be faithfully, and perhaps usefully, dedicated to the service of our native country, then give me your suffrages, and believe that the honour of Tipperary will not suffer in my hands.

I shall immediately present myself to you in person, and ask Tipperary to confer upon me the highest honour that I can conceive awarded to mortal man – that of being the representative of the premier country.