John Daly

John Daly (1845-1916) was an Irish republican and member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. Born in Limerick City, he was sworn into the I.R.B at 18 years old. Participating in the abortive Fenian Rising of 1867, Daly fled to exile in the United States, before returning to Ireland, a member of the IRB’s Supreme Council and a leading figure in the Amnesty Association. He moved to England in 1883, and was later arrested and convicted on charges of aiding the dynamite campaign, charges Daly resolutely denied and were likely false, the conviction aided with the help of agents provocateurs. Spending thirteen years in English prisons, he befriended Tom Clarke, Clarke would later marry his niece Kathleen. Released in 1896, Daly was elected three times as the Mayor of Limerick, assisted in the financing of the IRB newspaper Irish Freedom, and was a strong ally of Clarke and Mac Diarmada in their efforts to reorganise the IRB.


John Daly’s First Speeches on Irish Soil (1896)