From The United Irishman, August 29, 1885.

Martin Johnston, of Idaho, sending us some money this week, says it has put some life into the Irish people in Idaho to see that we go in for laying London in ashes. What we do is this: We hold that England and Ireland are at war; that if England was driven to the wall, as Ireland is, she would not scruple setting fire to Dublin and every other Irish city. We advocate fighting England with her own weapons, and the most effective way for Irishmen to fight is to burn London and every other English city. We know the Irishmen in Ireland and in England are bent on doing this as soon as they get the chance. The means, the “Resources of Civilization,” present them with that chance. It is not we in America are making war upon England; it is the Irish who live under English tyranny. It is for them to determine the warfare they will wage; it is for us to assist them in the fight. It is not politic or profitable for us to speak our mind, perhaps; yet we speak it. We say the Irish people are right in any warfare they wage to bring their enemy to her knees, and we ask you, every one of our subscribers, every man and woman of Irish blood, to help them in this fight for the freedom of their land and race.