Originally transcribed by No Other Law

ARMY OF THE IRISH REPUBLIC, Headquarters (Dublin Command), 28th April, 1916.

To Soldiers.

This is the fifth day of the establishment of the Irish Republic, and the flag of our country still floats from the most important buildings in Dublin, and is gallantly protected by the Officers and Irish Soldiers in arms throughout the country. Not a day passes without seeing fresh postings of Irish Soldiers eager to do battle for the old cause. Despite the utmost vigilance of the enemy we have been able to get in information telling us how the manhood of Ireland, inspired by our splendid action, are gathering to offer up their lives if necessary in the same holy cause. We are here hemmed in because the enemy feels that in this building is to be found the heart and inspiration of our great movement.

Let us remind you what you have done. For the first time in 700 years the flag of a free Ireland floats triumphantly in Dublin City. The British Army, whose exploits we are for ever having dinned into our ears, which boasts of having stormed the Dardanelles and the German lines on the Marne, behind their Artillery and Machine Guns are afraid to advance to the attack or storm any positions held by our forces. The slaughter they suffered in the first few days has totally unnerved them and they dare not attempt again an Infantry attack on our position.

Our Commandants around us are holding their own. Commandant Daly’s splendid exploit in capturing Linen Hall Barracks we all know. You must know also that the whole population both Clergy and Laity of this district are united in his praises. Commandant MacDonagh is established in an impregnable position reaching from the walls of Dublin Castle to Redmond’s Hill, and from Bishop Street to Stephen’s Green.

(In Stephen’s Green, Commandant Mallin holds the College of Surgeons, one side of the square, a portion of the other side, and dominates the whole Green and all its entrances and exits.) Commandant De Valera stretches in a position from the Gas Works to Westland Row holding Bolands Bakery, Bolands Mills, Dublin South Eastern Railway Works and dominating Merrion Square. Commandant Kent holds the South Dublin Union and Guinness’s buildings to Marrow Bone Lane and controls Jamieson St. and district. On two occasions the enemy effected a lodgement and were driven out with great loss.

The men of North County Dublin are in the field, have occupied all the Police Barracks in the district, destroyed all the telegraph system on the Great Northern Railway up to Dundalk, and are operating against the trains of the Midland and Great Western. Dundalk has sent 200 men to march upon Dublin and in the other parts of the North our forces are active and growing.

In Galway Captain Mellows fresh after his escape from an Irish Prison is in the field with his men. Wexford and Wicklow are strong and Cork & Kerry are equally acquitting themselves creditably. (We have every confidence that our Allies in Germany and kinsmen in America are straining every nerve to hasten matters on our behalf.)

As you know, I was wounded twice yesterday and am unable to move about, but have got my bed moved into the firing line and with the assistance of your Officers will be just as useful to you as ever. Courage boys, we are winning and in the hour of our victory let us not forget the splendid women who have everywhere stood by us and cheered us on. Never had man or woman a grander cause, never was a cause more grandly served.


James Connolly,

Commandant General,
Dublin Division.