From The United Irishman, 25 March, 1848.


There is a rumour in circulation, that the government intend to commence a prosecution against you. Insignificant an individual as I am, and unimportant to society as my political opinions may be, I, nevertheless, owe it, not merely to the kindness you have shown me, but to the cause of my country, to assure you that I thoroughly sympathize with your sentiments, that I identify my views of public affairs with yours, and that I am prepared to go all lengths with you and your intrepid friend, Devin Reilly, for the achievement of our national independence.

I mean to write you, in a few days, a long letter, explanatory of the course which I think it becomes the duty of every Irish patriot to pursue, at the present eventful epoch. Meanwhile you are at liberty to make what use you please of this preliminary communication.

Yours, in life and death,