1. To secure and maintain the rights and liberties common to all the people of Ireland.
  2. To train, discipline, arm, and equip a body of Irish Volunteers for the above purpose.
  3. To unite for this purpose Irishmen of every creed and of every party and class.


  1. Until a representative body is constituted, the general direction of the Irish Volunteers shall be carried on by the Provisional Committee.
  2. As soon as Volunteer companies have been fully formed in a large number of places, steps shall be taken to create a representative system of local and general government of the Volunteer Force.
  3. The Provisional Committee, where circumstances warrant, will authorise the formation of Provisional District and County Committees, which shall direct the movement in their respective localities, subject to the direction of the Central Committee.
  4. The Central Committee shall define the powers of the County and District Committees, and has power to enforce discipline, uniform methods of working, and possesses all other powers necessary to this end.
  5. The unit for purposes of administration shall be the Company, of 79 officers and men, and each Company shall affiliate direct with the Central Committee.

Eoin MacNeill, 19 Herbert Park, Dublin
Laurence J. Kettle, 2 St. Mary’s Road, Dublin,
Hon. Secretaries.

Dublin, 16th December, 1913.