From Troublous Times in Canada: A History of the Fenian Raids of 1866 and 1870 by John A. MacDonald.

Buffalo, June 14, 1866.

To the Officers and Soldiers of the Irish Republican Army in Buffalo:

Brothers, – Orders having been received from President Roberts, requesting you to return to your homes, it becomes my duty to promulgate said order in this department. Having been but a few days among you, and witnessing with pride your manly bearing and soldierly conduct in refraining from all acts of lawlessness on the citizens of this city, it grieves me to part with you so soon. I had hoped to lead you against the common enemy of human freedom, viz., England, and would have done so had not the extreme vigilance of the United States Government frustrated our plans. It was the United States, and not England, that impeded our onward march to freedom. Return to your homes for the present, with the conviction that this impediment will soon be removed by the representatives of the nation. Be firm in your determination to renew the contest when duty calls you forth; the cause is too scared to falter for a moment. Let your present disappointment only prompt you to renewed energy in the future. Be patient, bide your time, organise your strength, and as liberty is your watchword, it will finally be your sword. In leaving this city, where you have bountifully shared the hospitality of the citizens, I beg of you to maintain the same decorum that has characterized your actions whilst here.

(Signed) M. W. BURNS,
Brigadier-General Commanding Irish Army at Buffalo.