The Irish Republican Brotherhood was established in 1858 as a secret revolutionary organisation dedicated to the removal of British rule in Ireland and the establishment of an Irish Republic. Its Irish-American wing was known as the Fenian Brotherhood, later the Clan na Gael. Following the failed 1867 rebellion and later bombing campaigns against the English, the IRB began to fall into decline, being revived however by the late 1900s, where the IRB would plot the Easter Rising of 1916. Following the War of Independence and the Irish Civil War, the Irish Republican Brotherhood was eventually disbanded in 1924.


Oath of the Irish Republican Brotherhood (1859)

Fenian War Plan to Invade Canada (1866)

Proclamation To the People of Canada (1866)

Return Home Order To Buffalo Fenians (1866)

Letter From William Roberts, 11 June 1866

Proclamation of the Irish Republic (1867)

Declaration of Principles of the Fenian Brotherhood (1867)

Constitution of the IRB Supreme Council (1873)

Ireland For The Irish; Or Ireland With The English? (1878)

Proclamation of the Irish Republic (1916)