From Mr. Henry Joy, (subequently Baron Joy) to Henry Joy McCracken:

Dear Henry,

I arrived here late last night from Belfast, where I left all your family well – your sisters intend coming up in the course of this week to see you. Is there any thing you wish for that I can supply you with? Let me know if there is. Inform me how you are, that I may be able to assure your friends that you are tolerably recovered from your indisposition.

Yours, &c.,


Dublin, Monday, 7th Nov.

Henry Joy McCracken’s Reply

Dear Henry,

I am at present in excellent health, but most closely and indeed ignominiously confined, denied the use of pen, ink, or paper, (though obtained by stealth), or the conversation of any living creature, the keeper and turnkeys excepted, who find me every thing they wish for. I much fear the girls will be denied admittance.

Yours truly,

H. J. McCracken.
Kilmainham Jail