Fr. Theobald Stapleton (1589-1647) was a Catholic priest best known for the publication of the work Cathcismus sen Adhon, an Teagasc Críostaí iar na foilsiú a Laidin agus a Ngaoilaig., the preface of which was republished and translated in the Gaelic Journal in 1894. Little documentary evidence of his life exists other than that was involved in the establishment of several Irish colleges in the Continent, namely in Seville and Madrid, and that he lived in Flanders for a time before returning to Ireland. He was killed by English Parliamentarians during the Sack of Cashel in 1647. He was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1991, in honour of his martyrdom.


Ar dTeanga Ḋúṫċais (1639)