Eoin MacNeill (1867-1945) was a co-founder of the Gaelic League alongside Douglas Hyde as well as later becoming chief of staff of the Irish Volunteers, founded in reaction to the Ulster Volunteers. He was also a highly respected professor who wrote extensively about Irish history and also taught early Irish history at University College Dublin (UCD). He is most infamous however in Irish history for issuing the controversial countermanding order that prevented thousands more Volunteers joining the Easter Rising of 1916.



A Plea and a Plan for the Extension of the Movement to Preserve and Spread the Gaelic Language in Ireland (1893)

A Pitched Battle (1899)

Conquered? (1900)

Language and Economics (1904)

Race and Nationality (1907)

Tréiġiḋ Ḃur Dtrom-Ṡuan (1908)

The North Began (1913)

Address to the Inaugural Meeting of the Irish Volunteers (1913)

The Alternative: Coercion, Corruption Or—? (1914)

Countermanding Order To Volunteers (1916)

Phases of Irish History (1920)