Edward Roche (1758-1799?) was a prominent commander of the United Irishmen in Wexford. Roche would assume command during the Battle of Oulart Hill on 27 May 1798, commanding 2,000 forces and near totally routing the 110-strong British militia. The following day, his force now swelled up to around 6,000 men, he defeated the British once more at Enniscorthy, securing rebel occupation of much of Wexford. On 4 June, Roche would help inflict a third victory at Tubberneering. By 7 June, he would become commander-in-chief of the whole county’s rebels, succeeding from Bagenal Harvey and issuing a proclamation to the people of Ireland calling for military resolve and the preservation of religious union. The United Irishmen were finally and decisively defeated at Vinegar Hill on 21 June and Roche would eventually surrender in August of that year to the authorities, dying in Newgate Prison whilst awaiting transportation.


Roche’s Proclamation To The People Of Ireland (1798)