Bishop Thomas Nulty

The Most Reverend Dr. Thomas Nulty (1818-1898) was the Catholic Bishop of Meath from 1866 to his death in 1898. Nulty is best known for a series of letters and pamphlets. In one pastoral, he recalled during the Famine, witnessing a mass eviction of 700 tenants near Lough Sheelin. In 1881, he published his most famous pamphlet, Back To The Land, which advocated for radical reform of Irish land tenure, and was the only Catholic bishop to approve of the No-Rent Manifesto devised by the Land League. His writings attracted the attention of American political economist Henry George and he was an ally of Charles Stewart Parnell until the publicization of the long-standing Kitty O’Shea affair in 1890.


Pastoral To The Clergy and Laity of the Diocese of Meath (1871)

Back to the Land (1881)