[I use the word “incident” as equivalent to the German sagzugi.e., as connoting not only the separate parts of an action, but also its pictorial features.—A.N.]

Ball, guiding, of silver, 132.
Belore of the Evil Eye, 144.
Besom riding, 85.
Blast of wind from giant’s nostrils, 146.
Blind wise man, 129.
Blood drops incident, 19.
Boat out of thimble, 137.
Bones gathered up and revivified, 152.
Bran, colour and swiftness of, 15. death of, 17.
Bran’s daughter, 17; catches wild geese, 17-19; killed, 19.
Broth-swallowing match, 11.
Brother, of welcoming hags, 132. helps hero across stream, 133; restored to youth by hero, 135.

Cap of darkness, 29.
Cat, white, 130. (= old hag?)
Coach, enchanted, with two fawns, 139.
Cross-roads, separation at, 129.
Curse of the 24 men, 154.

Damsel, encouraging, in red silk, 131. gives hero thimble as boat, 137.
Daughter prevents father re-marrying after first wife’s death, by cutting grass on mother’s grave, 167.
Dead man haunting house, 158.
Destruction of king’s court by night, 3.
Doctoring instrument, 148.
Dog, black, catches bullets in mouth, 162; strikes exorcising priest dumb, 163; father of hags, 163.
Dog, big black, son of weasel hag, 79.
Dumbness caused by fairy blow, 116.

Eagle guarding stream, 133. slain by hero, 134.
Elder brothers fail, 140.
Enchanter helps mortal, 93. passes him off as dead, 95.

Fairest maid, description of, 112.
Fairies baffled by cross, 115.
Fairies carry off princess, 107, et seq. require a mortal’s help, 89, 107. meet annually on November night, 122.
Fairies turn into flying beetles, 89.
Fairy help to mortal withdrawn, 142.
Fairy dwelling filled with smoke and lightning, 143; hill opens, 87.
Fairy horses unspelled, 115. host, noise of, 105; takes horse, 106. king and queen, 87. hurling match, 87.
Fairy spits fire, and frightens Pope, 110.
Father, cruel, cuts hands and feet off daughter, 168. punished, and healed by daughter, 169.
Fearless hero, 156, et seq., sleeps with corpse, 158.
Feather supporting house, 131.
Finn’s mother a fawn, 17.
Flea killed by valiant tailor, 2.
Football players in haunted house, 158.
Fox, hiding-place for, 5.

Geasa run, 21.
Ghost denouncing murderer, 159.
Ghost laying by fortune distributing, 159.
Giants, two, crushed by stone, 9, et seq.
Giant outwitted by lying reports, 29.
Giant slits himself up, 11.
Goblin, headless, in cellar, 81, 157. drinks and plays music with hero, 83; bagpipes for fairies, 85.
Grateful dead, 21, 23, 153. beggar, 156; robin, 165.
Guarding monsters, 134.

Hags, enchanted, turn vultures, 163. condemned for father’s crime, 164. turned into swans at end of enchantment period, 166.
Hag turned into weasel, 79. welcoming, sister to hero’s nurse, 131.
Hair turns into ladder, 140.
Hare magic, 162.
Haunted house, 81.
Healing well, 129.
Helping servant, 148. saves ungrateful master, 157.
Herb for blood-stopping, 149.
Herb of healing, 165.Hero, grown rich, visits home, 161. joins fairy host, 106.
Heroine and attendant maidens made pregnant in their sleep, 135. seeks father of children, 139. recovers magic gifts abandoned by hero, 139, et seq. tests false claimants, 140. full up of serpents banished by first embraces, 45. under spells, 37.
Horse, swift as lightning, 132. talking, 2. hiding-place for, 3.
Husband, not to re-marry till grass be foot high on dead wife’s grave, 167.

Incurable sore foot, 129.
Inexhaustible milk-can (fairy gift), 142. water and bread, 134. purse, 91.

Kiss, first, from heroine, claimed by helping servant, 45.

Lion, ploughing, 7; guarding, 134.

Magic gifts abandoned by hero, 139.
Mary’s shamrock (? four-leaved), 142.
Murderer revealed by ghost, 160.
Mutilated (hands and feet) heroine married, 168; restored after birth of triplets, 168.
Night entertainment run, 29.
Nonsense ending, 15, 128.
November night for fairy gatherings, 122.

One-eyed supernatural being, 144.

Pin of slumber, 39, 43.
Piper in haunted house, 158.
Poison, King of, 39.
Pole of combat, 27, et seq. of combat run, 27.
Pope compelled to reinstate priest, 110.
Priest refuses to exorcise, 143; exorcises bewitched hags, 163.
Princess, ill to death, cured by taking head off her, 149. promised to task performer, 2. released from fairies, 115.
Purse that empties not, 91.
Purses bestowed by supernatural being, 91, 144.

Quest for healing water, 129.

Recognition of hero by heroine, 141.
Robin grateful, brings herb of healing, 165.

Safety token (stone), 129.
Servant’s wage, 23.
Silence bespelling removed, 168.
Skilful companions, gunner, listener, runner, blower, stone-breaker, 23-27.
Sleep, magic, 147; of enchanted queen over in seven years, 134.
Slumber pin in horse’s head, 43.
Smelling giant, 27.
Speech restored by herb, 125.
Spikes crowned with skulls, 39.Step-mother (hag) accuses step-daughter, 168.
Stone-breaker crushes sharp stones, 45.
Swift runner and hag race, 43.
Swiftness, slippers, 33.
Sword that leaves leavings of no blow behind it, 37.
Sword of light, 135.

Tailor, valiant, 2.
Taboo on telling about fairy gifts, 142. broken and punished by loss, 143.
Threefold entertaining by hags, 130.
Three sons start for healing water, 129.
Travellers’ seat in wood, 131.

Unwashed feet of hero, 104.

Wages, half of what is earned, 148.
Wages of help servant refused, 150.
Weasel brings money, 73; attacks despoiler, 75; kills cow, 77; turns into hag, 77.
Well of healing balm, 41. of healing water, 129.
Workmen’s wages, 7.
Witch released by Masses, 79.
Witch’s hut to be burnt after death, 79.

Youngest son succeeds, 138; envied by elder brothers, 138, et seq.; made a scullion, 139.
Youth, restoration to, 135.