From The Gaelic American, December 11, 1915.

(Dedicated to the Citizen Army.)

Armed for the battle
Kneel we before Thee,
Bless Thou our banners,
God of the brave
Ireland is living!
Shout we triumphant,
Ireland is waking!
Hands grasp the sword.
Who fights for Ireland
God guides his blows home,
Who dies for Ireland
God give him peace.
Knowing our cause just
March we victorious
Giving our heart’s blood
Ireland to free.

The spirit of freedom
Floats in the ether;
Souls of our heroes
March by our side,
Tone is our battle cry,
Emmet inspires us,
Those who for freedom fall
Never shall die.
England is breaking
Shout we exultant
England is beaten,
Ireland is free.
Charge for the old cause,
Down with the old foe,
Living or dying
Ireland to free.