Constance Markiewicz

Constance Markievicz (née Gore-Booth) (1868-1927) was an Anglo-Irish revolutionary nationalist, who helped to found the Fianna Éireann, a boys’ paramilitary organisation as well as Cumann na mBan, a women’s paramilitary organisation as well as being a leading member of the Irish Citizen Army alongside James Connolly. She was originally sentenced to death for her role in the Easter Rising, but had her sentence commuted on grounds of her being a woman. She was elected as the first female MP to the British Parliament in the 1918 election, however did not take her seat under the policy of abstentionism. She then served in the First Dáil until the Irish Civil War, before actively fighting on the side of Anti-Treaty forces. She then joined Fianna Fáil following the war and was elected as a TD but died before she could take her seat.

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Women, Ideals and the Nation (1909)

Introduction to the ‘Fianna Handbook’ (1914)

The Women of ’98 (1915)

Prayer on the Battle-Field (1915)

The Rosary (1916)

On Women’s Franchise (1922)

Conditions of Women in English Jails (1922)

The Fianna (1923)

Larkin, The Fianna and the King’s Visit (1923)

Memories of the King’s Visit, 1911 (1923)

Mr. Arthur Griffith and the Sinn Féin Organisation (1923)

Fianna Éireann and the 1921 Treaty (1924)

Oration on the Second Anniversary of Murder of Fianna Cole and Colley (1924)

Wolfe Tone’s Ideals of Democracy (1925)

How We Won The Fianna Trials (1926)

Liam Mellows – Pioneer (1926)

Citizenship (1927)