Flag of Ireland

Confederate Ireland was the name for the self-governing Irish nation founded by the Irish Catholic Confederation between 1642 and 1649. Founded by Catholic clergy, Gaelic chiefs, landed gentry and Irish military leaders, Its authority extended across two-thirds of the island of Ireland and included Catholics of native Gaelic and Anglo-Norman descent. Its objectives were to reverse the Plantations of Ireland, religious freedom for Irish Catholics and greater native self-governance. The Irish Confederates were for the most part friendly with the English Royalists under the Catholic King Charles I, however a faction within the Confederates desired the total removal of English rule in Ireland, leading to an eventual split within the Confederates. In 1649, Oliver Cromwell and the English Parliamentarians invaded Ireland, and the Confederate-Royalist alliance had been defeated by 1652.


Demands of the Irish Rebels (1641)

Confederate Oath of Association (1642)