“Around me I behold
The mighty minds of old;
My never-failing friends are they,
With whom I converse day by day.”


Let my life pass in healthful, happy ease,
⁠The world and all its schemes shut out my door;
⁠Rich in a competence and nothing more,
Saving the student’s wealth—”Apollo’s fees”—
Long rows of goodly volumes, to appease
⁠My early love and quenchless thirst of lore.
No Want to urge me on the path of Gain—
⁠No Hope to lure me in Ambition’s track;
Struggles and strife, and all their savage train,
⁠Still from my tranquil dwelling driven back;
⁠My only triumphs—if such toys I lack—
Some subtle nut of science burst in twain,
⁠Or knot unravell’d. Thus be’t mine to live,
⁠And feel life pass like a long summer eve.



“From pole to pole the deep electric tone
Of Liberty is out. Wilt thou not share?”


Up, recreant, up! Our land hath called her sons
⁠From solitudes and cities, courts and marts,
⁠To fight her fight, and lo! what eager hearts
Answer her call. But not with blades and guns,
But arms more keen than Europe’s or the Hun’s—
⁠Reason and Truth, come they to play their parts.
Shake off the dream-world’s thraldom and awake
⁠To see thy land become regenerate,
⁠And aid, if aid thou may’st, a work so great
The mist of prejudice, as from a lake,
Is rising from men’s minds, and tyrants quake
⁠Reading the signs aright that speak our coming fate.
Then up! for here the patriot heart may glow
With ecstacy that tame life cannot know.