From The History Of The Insurrection in the County of Wexford by Edward Hay, 1842.

By order of the council for directing the affairs of the people of the county Wexford.

Oaths to be taken by all the united army, in the most public and solemn manner.

Test Oath.

In the awful presence of God, I, A.B., do voluntarily declare, that I will persevere in endeavouring to form a brotherhood of affection among Irishmen of every religious persuasion; and that I will also persevere in my endeavours to obtain an equal, full, and adequate representation of all the people of Ireland. I do further declare, that neither hopes, fears, rewards, nor punishments, not even death, shall ever induce me, directly or indirectly, to inform on or give any evidence against any member or members of this or similar societies, for any act or expression of theirs, done or made collectively or individually, in or out of this society, in pursuance of the spirit of this obligation. So help me God.

Oath Of A Private.

I, A.B., do solemnly and sincerely swear, and take God, and his only Son our Lord Jesus Christ, to witness, that I will at all times be obedient to the commands of my officers – that I am ready to lay down my life for the good of my country – that I have an aversion to plunder, and to the spilling of innocent blood – that I will fight courageously in the field, and have mercy where it can be given – that I will avoid drunkenness as tending to disorder and ruin – that I will endeavour to make as many friends and as few enemies as possible – that above all, I detest a coward, and that I will look upon him as an enemy who will stand back in the time of battle. So help me God.

Oath of an Officer.

In the awful presence of God, who knows the hearts and thoughts of all men, and calling my country to witness, I, A.B. officer in, &c. do solemnly swear, that I do not consider my life my own when my country demands it – that I consider the present moment calls for a proof of the sincerity of that sentiment; and I am ready and desirous to stand the test; and do aver, that I am determined to die, or lead to victory; and that all my actions shall be directed to the prosperity of the common cause, uninfluenced by any inferior motive; and I further declare my utter aversion to all alarmists, union breakers, and cowards, and my respect and obedience to the commands of superior officers. So help me God.

By order of the council,
B. B. HARVEY, president.
NICHOLAS GRAY, secretary.

Done at the council chamber,
Wexford, June 14, 1798.