Bagenal Harvey (?-1798) was a barrister and commander of the United Irishmen in Wexford during the 1798 rebellion. A Protestant descended from Wexford’s landed gentry, Harvey, a supporter of Catholic emancipation, joined the Society of United Irishmen in 1792. Prior to the outbreak, Harvey was imprisoned however upon the liberation of the jail where he was being held, he was appointed Commander of the United Irish army of Wexford. Harvey led the rebels at the Battle of New Ross, where they were defeated. Following this, he resigned from his post, retired to his home and attempted to escape to France. He was however captured and executed at Wexford Bridge on 28 June 1798.


Letter From Wexford Gaol (1798)

Letter To The British Commanding Officer at Ross (1798)

Resolutions of the United Irish Army of Wexford (1798)

Oaths of the United Irish Army of Wexford (1798)