Written for The United Irishman.
November 25, 1899.

The successor of the Imperial Roman is coming—salute the Anglo-Saxon!

Old earth quivers to the tread of its master—the oppressed upraise their voices.

He will give them liberty—liberty to think as he thinks, to act as he acts, and to minister to his greatness.

The dying nations rejoice—he will write their epitaph.

Yahveh is pleased—the Anglo Saxon smites and spares not.

Allah rejoices—the Anglo Saxon fought for him on the walls of Constantinople against the Banner of the Cross.

And if these living gods be pleased shall not the sons of men be glad?

He comes to give them his civilization—for a beggarly five per cent.

He comes to teach them how to live—to deliver them from the darkness—to lead them to the light.

They will sit at his feet and learn wisdom of him. He will say to them: ‘Behold, I have given Ireland and India Famine and the Sword, Australia Bankruptcy and Pestilence, Canada Stagnation, Africa Carnage, the West Indies Despotism and Anarchy. I am the Genius of Government.’

He will show them his god—it squints and is pot-bellied. He carries it in his breeches’ pocket.

He will come, clothed in scrip, with the Editor of the Kilkenny Moderator on his right hand.

Salute the Anglo Saxon!