From Sinn Féin, October 16, 1909.

The Irish Trade Mark distinguishes what is genuinely Irish from what is spurious.

The only journal in Ireland authorised to bear it is ‘Sinn Féin.’

The reason is—that ‘Sinn Féin’ is the only Irish daily journal published in Ireland.

It is the only daily journal in Ireland printed on Irish paper.

Every other daily journal in Ireland is printed on paper imported from England, Holland, America, or Sweden.

It is the only journal in Ireland which refuses to insert the advertisements of foreign manufacturers competing against our own.

It is printed with Irish ink.

It is written throughout by Irishmen.

Its policy is Irish.

Therefore it has been granted the right to use the Irish Trade Mark by the Irish Industrial Association (Incorporated).

No other journal published in Ireland can claim the same right.

‘Sinn Féin’ is the only Irish daily journal in Ireland.