Aodh De Blácam (1891-1951), born Harold Saunders Blackham in London to a Protestant family, he rebelled against his upbringing, converted to Catholicism and became involved with the Gaelic League in London; he Gaelicised his name to Aodh de Blácam and learned the Irish language. As an adult he moved to Ireland and involved himself in the nationalist movement there. He produced a number of essays, stories, books, and pamphlets throughout his literary career. During the War of Independence he produced nationalist propaganda for Sinn Féin and was interned in 1922. He wrote for a number of publications, including the Irish Times, which he left when he became editor of the Catholic Standard.


Jewish Nationalism—A Comparison (1912)

Dornán Dán (1917)

Towards the Republic (1918)

The Heroic Note in Irish Literature (1922)

The Hedge Schools of Ireland (1935)

Heroic Ireland (1935)

For God and Spain: The Truth About the Spanish War (1936)