Transcribing is easily the most time-consuming and important part of our work. The vast majority of transcribing we do ourselves by hand, however we would be remiss if we did not mention that we are indebted in some circumstances to others who have kindly transcribed material for us.

We have long encouraged those who use the archive to help us in any part, big or small, in collecting and transcribing material, which is why we have created a new email address,, where users can submit any transcriptions they have completed themselves or to simply refer us to any particular work they would wish for us to transcribe.

To those who wish to send us material they have transcribed and would like to submit to the site, we ask that they take into consideration several factors:

  • Copyright status (in Ireland, public domain comes into effect 70 years after the author’s death, good rule of thumb is to check if the author died before 1951)
  • If any CreativeCommons licensing is applicable, to note the particular license that the work falls under
  • Formatting of the work
  • Proof reading the work for any typographical/spelling errors
  • Retaining original footnotes/endnotes if applicable
  • Retaining original prefaces if applicable
  • Retaining the contents page if applicable
  • The source of the text (a link preferably to the source)
  • That the transcription be in either docx or PDF format

If you have compiled a series of transcriptions you would like to submit to the site, then organise and store them in a MEGA cloud file and you can send us the link, either through the e-mail address or our contact form directly from the site.

All submissions will be reviewed and judged based on quality of transcription, accessibility, and copyright status. If we are unable to accept your submission, we will provide our reasoning as to why via reply.

Submissions can range from letters and other correspondence, speeches, pamphlets, books etc, and there are no limits regarding the size of the work. Submissions, however, must fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Any work of an Irish nationalist or republican (the content of the work itself does not necessarily have to be Irish-themed)
  2. A work pertaining to Irish history.
  3. A work pertaining to Irish mythology
  4. A work pertaining to Irish literature.

Submissions will be accepted in works:

– Written in any of the official languages of Ireland (English, Irish etc), may include bilingual works.
– Originally written in other languages with an accompanying English/Irish translation.

Any and all submissions will be greatly appreciated, and attribution will be given to transcribers where appropriate.